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Our innovative model gives you the choice of total customization or the option of customizing an existing Pivot product.


The ordering process is simple, but it depends on how much you want to customize your product.

First, we recommend that you contact use for a personalized consultation. However, here’s a quick breakdown:


The easiest solution is to choose an existing style from our website and modify it according to your needs. Once we understand our client’s needs it is easy for us to modify any existing style and then send you digital images to review. Once we get your approval from images then we order a prototype from our factory and send it to you for approval.

Blue Sky:

Another option is to start with an original idea. We can take your idea through a full design phase; we begin with sketching and end with a factory-produced prototype for your review and approval. Any bag in any color; the sky is the limit.

Once the sample is approved, all colors are approved, and we receive 50% down payment, then we can submit an order to our factory for your bag. The other 50% is due once you receive the shipment.

Our production time is 90-120 days depending on the project. This lead time is based on the date the order is submitted to the factory to the time it ships. Some small orders can be completed faster.

However, before we submit an order we need time to design your gear. This process can take a anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We recommend giving yourselves a few months to design your custom pack before the order is places. Projects that require more customization will require more design time. Time is valuable to us and our goal is to work through the design phase as effectively as possible.

Color customization is key to creating a product that emulates your brand, and color is key to that goal. We can make any fabric in any color. All we need from you is your company’s colors in RGB, HEX, Pantone, or CYMK. After we receive your colors we then work directly with fabric mills to “dip” your custom fabric in your colors. In a few weeks we will receive a fabric swatch in your colors at which point our design team will confirm the color match.

As you can see, we make bags out of a variety of materials. Our standard materials are nylon, polyester, and a variety of cotton canvases. We work with both coated and non-coated materials, composite fabrics, and we have an extensive list of fabric mill partners. This helps us match your projects needs in relation to quality, price, and time.

If you want a specific fabric you may send us a photo or a swatch, or even just describe what you want. Our design team will then find the right fabric for the job.

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