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Quality, Value, Sustainability

We use the best quality fabrics, trims, buckles and zippers.

In-house design and working directly with the factory bring you value with high quality.

We source blue sign certified buckles and use remnant fabrics wherever possible.

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Pivot Products

Pivot is a design-driven product company with years of building backpacks and other products for some of the most demanding sports. We believe that promotional products can be on-trend, high quality, and tailored. We make these bags with the same quality standards as bags carried in some of the harshest climates on Earth.

Rebranding! Pivot Products is transitioning to a new brand, comming soon. This is why you will see some out of stock products.

Grab one of our classic bags at current prices while supplies last.

Where We Source

We use the best factories in the world, not the cheapest

It’s important that we have a positive impact everywhere we go. We are excited to see our products have a positive impact across the world. When companies like us support quality factories who see the importance of treating employees well, then we do our part to improve quality of life.

We see an opportunity to bolster those factories who are treating their employees as essential members of a team. We manufacture from factories who not only fit our needs best, but who also see that quality of life for employees means a superior product. We want to know that our factory staff are well taken care of and that they’re engaged in their work. This ensures ethically sourced high-quality custom-built backpacks.

Our head designer has spent much of his career devoted to this end. By sending in local journalists to speak with factory workers he gets a clearer picture of the type of environment people are working in and how they feel about their work life. The relationships and infrastructure we have available means that you get a product you can feel happy about, not only for the quality but for the ethics as well. You know our custom backpacks are as ethically sourced as possible.

Small batch quality means quality control at the factory level

Our factories are ISO9000 certified meaning the production process is high quality and well documented. We go beyond the factory to find the best raw materials for the job. Through years of experience in the outdoor industry our lead designer has cultivated relationships across the world. This allows us to design your custom product from the supply chain out. We personally go to the source to ensure a high-quality product.

What we do

We make customizable backpacks and gear

Pivot brings you products that represent your brand and values–customized at the factory level, tailor-made for your adventure at affordable price points. Our customizable bags and products are designed with the same level of attention, quality, and materials as bags made to serve in the harshest environments on Earth. Our supply chain is shared by the world’s top brands, we source from the leading factories and use the best materials in the industry at a more affordable price.

We work with you to create the experience you’re looking for using the highest quality materials and construction. Our designer oversees the entire process. We work directly with the factory’s quality and development staff as well as individual sewers to ensure your customized backpack is made with the best and most suitable materials and techniques. 

Pivot’s bespoke approach makes your bags to order giving you near infinite options. We start with the patterns and work with you on colors, logo, fabrics to create your custom product. Typically companies that sell promotional products use existing inventory and then only add your logo. 

Our USA design and prototype lab

Our prototype lab was converted from a used shipping container and serves as design studio, materials and sample storage, and sewing lab. We also keep our 1969 Land Cruiser here in the winter. We rescued five industrial sewing machines from the trash, refurbished them, and use them to sew many of our first prototypes.

In addition to our lab, we work with many local and domestic factories, embroiderers, screen printers, and fabrication shops to realize our shared vision.

Who we are


Our lead designer, CJ Whittaker, has fifteen years design and sourcing experience. He is a co-founder of Cotopaxi and has worked with Black Diamond, Gregory, Timberland, Kuru, and Blue Ice. CJ has traveled the extensively learning his craft from sewers in the United States and Asia. He’s climbed and skied mountains worldwide. His varied experience helps him design gear for both urban and wild environments. His products are currently carried into business meetings in Tokyo and carried to the top of the highest summits in the world.

Form Follows Function

Custom designed, our brand-specific personalized backpacks maintain a high level of function and a smooth aesthetic. No strange zippers or extraneous flaps or straps. Everything has a purpose, tailor-made for you, keeping you organized while maintaining ease of access and promoting your brand identity.

From concerts in the park, climbing, skiing, and hiking, our bags inspire adventure.


Outside Magazine
Best Travel Bag Ever Made 2017

Outside Magazine
Gear of the Show, Summer 2016

Outside Magazine
Outside Travel Award 2013

ISPO Award 2013

National Geographic
Gear of the Year 2012

Mono Magazine
Best Pack, Japan 2009

ID Design Magazine (Annual Design Review)
Honorable Mention 2007

Couloir Magazine
Innovation Award, Editor’s Choice Award 2006

Climbing Magazine
Editor’s Choice 2006

Powder Magazine
Skier’s Choice Award 2006

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